PBS: Nova - Composing

Dateline NBC - Composing

Adam Ruins Everything - Composing

Chopped Junior - Composing

Dior: Commercial - Original Music

The Late Show with James Corden: TV Show - Composing

Marvel vs Capcom: Video Game - Arranging, Additional Music

Outreach: Video Game - Composer

District Sentinel Radio: Theme Song

Mac Dre: Legend of the Bay: Documentary - Original Music

Saturday Night Live:  TV Show - Composing

Love it or List It: TV Show -Composing

Meredith Viera Show: TV Show -Composing

Chopped: TV Show - Composing

Alaskan Bush People: TV Show - Composing

March Madness: TV Show - Composing

NBC Olympics: TV Show  - Composing

The Bachelor Australia: TV Show  - Composing

Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall: TV Show  - Composing

The Daily Show: TV Show - Composing

30 for 30: No Mas: TV Show - Composing

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: TV Show - Composing

The Pressure Cooker: TV Show - Composing

Portlandia: TV Show - Composing

Flu & You: CDC: Commercial - Mixing and Sound Design

WWE Bottom Line: TV Show - Composing

Comedy Bang! Bang!: TV Show - Composing

The Kroll Show: TV Show - Composing

Ending Homelessness in Hollywood: David Lynch Foundation Documentary - Composing

The Bling Ring : Featurette - Composing

Civil War 360 : Smithsonian Channel Documentary - Composing

National Geographic: America's Destinations: Documentary - Original Music

Aporia: Uncover the Mystery: Indie First Person Game - Original Music

Far Cry 3: Advertising Campaign -Composing

Which Way Is The Front Line From Here?: The Life of Tim Hetherington - HBO Documentary, Mixing, Synths

Miss You Can Do It - HBO Documentary, Orchestration, Mixing, Music Editing

Radioshack Instructibles  - Advertising Campaign, Original Music

Solar City - Advertising Campaign, Original Music

Black Sugar: Short Film - Original Music

Northwoods: Short Film - Original Music

Frontline: Documentary - Additional Music

NBA Dream Team: ESPN Documentary - Mixing, Editing