Album cover of Bloodier, Adam Fligsten's latest album

Listen to Adam Fligsten's 2019 album: Bloodier


"It’s gorgeous stuff, meditative but carrying a subtle tension." - Treblezine

"This is instrumental music that refuses to fade into the background, far more than just a soundtrack, Adam Fligsten’s music is creating a narrative all of its own." - For The Rabbits

"Adam’s music exists in the delicate place between synthesizers, resampled sounds, and live instruments. He focuses on finding a unique tone for every project." - Vents Magazine

"[Adam's music] has a mixture of retro meets cinematic music meets modern classical and spaghetti western influenced post rock - Drifting Almost Falling

"This is not shiny, happy music. It's not dreary, but there is a hint of menace." Aiding & Abetting

"Music becomes a gift, given from the artist to the listener. Those tracks become the soundtrack to our lives. This is the sign of a true artist." Jammerzine

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